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Apparel Suppliers – Important Factors to Consider

Importance of Apparel Suppliers in China. In China, apparel suppliers usually sell directly to high-end clothing and shoe stores, boutiques, department shops, and many other specialized retailers. The primary function of such an apparel shop is to carry out, design, and advertise the products sold by the major manufacturer. They often act as agents between the Chinese manufacturer and the end user.

A German study by Professor Reinhold Voll, who is now deceased, has shown that China’s Apparel Suppliers plays a crucial role in the Chinese economy. The study shows that China manufactures more than one million clothing items every year. Most of these garments are sold to Chinese consumers either directly or through intermediaries. The majority of these apparels are used by the Chinese for leisure and work wear, including blue jeans, gowns, scarves, raincoats, shoes, and gloves. However, there is a wide range of products that the Chinese use for their traditional and western clothing needs.

One of the top Chinese apparel suppliers decorators is the Huiyang Iron and Steel Group, which produces and markets jackets, dresses, overalls, pants, skirts, blazers, jackets, office wear, evening wear, undergarments, footwear, swimwear, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelries, cosmetic products, electronics, and textile materials. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, when the group was formed, there were no textile manufacturing facilities. It is only in the later years that some clothing factories started operating, resulting in the rise of China’s weaving industry.

China’s apparels and accessories market are today huge. The largest component of the market is apparel and cosmetic products, which account for almost eighty percent of the overall market. Despite the emergence of a vast number of manufacturers and distributors, the top five in the industry are the following: Sinotec, hiya Douluo Tea & Coffee, Changning Trading Post, Dian Dui Shopping, and Sunbeam. Each of these six companies produces different types of apparels and clothes, with different styles, colors, designs, and logos.

China has opened up to global markets; therefore, many Chinese manufacturers have set up websites to expand their business globally. They adopt innovative methods of marketing on the Internet to attract more customers from foreign countries. For example, they provide free shipping to attract more buyers from the US and Europe. Also, the company offers two major methods for purchasing bulk apparel: to wholesale and via direct selling. The company provides free shipment on purchased items to the buyer with high-quality customer service.

Nowadays, most of the companies are focused on developing personalized retail websites to compete with other online retailers. They have started selling fashion accessories, branded shoes, ladies’ apparels, fashionable bags, shoes, sports equipment, kids’ apparels, and branded apparel and accessories for individuals. Wholesale apparel suppliers have also adopted customized websites to support individual retail customers. Such websites include custom fit clothing for children, pet clothing, kid’s clothes, and designer dresses for men, women, and children. These websites have also helped the online retailers to establish their brand names in the minds of individual consumers.